Department of Chemistry

Xin Yan Joins Texas A&M Faculty

Xin Yan received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Purdue University in 2015 under the supervision of Professor R. Graham Cooks. Graduating from one of the leading laboratories in the field of mass spectrometry, she developed strong interests in mass spectrometry, and was exposed to the development of various novel mass spectrometric methodologies that laid solid fundamental foundations for her future research. She built and patented a mass spec-based on-line reaction monitoring system, permitting the exploration of unknown reaction mechanisms. In the Cooks group she also developed a highly efficient mass spectrometric protocol for activity evaluation of enzymatic biomarkers for disease diagnosis. In addition, she discovered that reactions can be dramatically accelerated in microdroplets/thin film.

In 2016, Dr. Xin Yan joined Professor Richard N. Zare's research group at Stanford University as a postdoctoral researcher where she applied novel mass spectrometric methodologies in green chemistry and disease diagnosis. At Stanford she developed and patented a strategy to perform two-phase reactions in microdroplets without using a phase transfer catalyst. Her work in collaboration with clinical groups led to the identification of metabolomic signatures in aging brain, work which she intends to apply to cancer metabolomics in her independent career.

Dr. Xin Yan will join the chemistry department as an assistant professor in the summer of 2018. Her research at Texas A&M University will center around the development and application of novel mass spectrometric methodologies in disease diagnosis, drug discovery, reaction monitoring, and exploration of new synthetic methods. She is motivated by the possibility of enabling new technology for next-generation approaches to precision medicine and sustainable synthesis.

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